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Avoid Becoming the News: Be Vigilant about Cyber security

Lately, you might’ve seen people become the stuff news are made of. They routinely ignore safety issues and always go along with their own ways. This almost always makes them susceptible to cyber-attacks and stuff that are like it. Being vigilant is not enough; following the rules should also be a mandatory thing.

You may have read stuff on the news about these people. If you want to avoid becoming one of them, you should keep in mind these few rules.

Look to the Trends

Cyber-security has become a big issue ever since people have learned to become reliant on the Web more. The Internet of Things (IOT) may be a big solution to a lot of problems but security really needs to step up. If you’ll base Internet attacks on what is happening right now, you’ll have a bit of security when the future rolls around.

Make an Investment in Security

Even if you’re just using the Net for various small things, you’d want to invest in security. Safety is a big issue when surfing the Web and you’d be better off doing things in a Web of security. Without it, it’s like leaving your front door open for the thieves and other cyber-crooks to come in—it’s not advisable at all to do it.

security - Avoid Becoming the News: Be Vigilant about Cyber security

Guard against Inter-connectivity

Today’s Web structure allows for seamless transfers of files and documents through cyberspace. However, the inter-connectivity of systems and structures also allows for faster relay of viruses and, in turn, a quicker doorway for hackers and cyber-thieves to hack into systems faster. This is just not acceptable. It’s also all the more reason for you to invest in good Web security software just so you won’t have problems.

Be Invested in the Future

With all these issues plaguing the Web, you’d best keep your investments close or, if you have the foresight, invest in cyber-security. The news on cyber-security is that it’s bound to become a tougher nut to crack because of the ever-evolving nature of attacks and counter-measures. If you’d rather be on the other side of the news, you should invest in making tougher security. It’s a good and worthy investment to have and you won’t regret it.

The news these days is that cyber-attacks—and the people behind them—are creating new ways of hacking into what was first thought as super-secure systems. However, as long as evolution occurs in systems, the thieves won’t know where to enter or hit you where it hurts, and you won’t become news, for certain.

Read All About It: How to Put Together a Newspaper Article Online

It’s hard to write a story, let alone get people to read it. That’s why people would rather be readers than makers of things to read—it’s easier and you can play the part of an educated critic. However, it’s more exciting to become a writer—you get to tell stories and craft experiences.

News writing, however, is a very different thing. You tell stories based on fact; at times, you have to get a little emotional with truth still heard in your voice. If you want to write news articles, here’s how you can do it.

Fact: Determine What Story You Want

There are stories, and then, there are news stories. There’s a lot of online publications out there that tell the exact same stories but in different voices. If you want to tell a story, you have to determine what direction to take. Will you tell stories about games? Tell stories about celebrities? Figuring these out first will give you an easier time taking your publication in different directions.

news1 - Read All About It: How to Put Together a Newspaper Article Online

Fact: Create Outlines for your Story

When you see a story you want to do, you’ll have to read it first, understand it, and then create a re-telling of your own. That’s a given in online or news publications, as news are really just re-written pieces of stories. You have to create an outline first if you want to write something for your paper. By doing this, you’ll have a ready source for your story.

Fact: Create a Good Title

Creating a title for a news article is just like picking out a good title for a book or your online publication. It has to make sense. It also has to call the attention of the reader from the first time they see the article. How you do that is up to you, but it requires you to be well-read; having a lot of other sites on which to base your choices is also a big help.

news2 - Read All About It: How to Put Together a Newspaper Article Online

Fact: Get People to Help

Publications are hard to run alone. There are a lot that goes into the creation of an article—from the sourcing, the writing, the pictures, to the publication on the Web. There usually is a team of 20 or more people working on an online publication at any given time. If this sounds reasonable to you, you should prepare to work with a lot of people with different backgrounds and get them to come together on the same page with you.

Fact: Forget your Personal Opinions when Writing

When you’re writing a news article, you’re writing for the purpose of creating an environment where you’re telling a story regardless of your views. You should write from the point of view of a disinterested person. This is only one of the ways where you can create an engaging story that people will surely love to read and one that can be used as a source.

Those are only a few pointers on how to create a news article. Why don’t you try it out and find out if you’ve got what it takes to write news?

They Said What?!: A Collection of the Weirdest News from the Web

News on the Web—and even in real, physical newspapers—can go from real serious at one point to real weird the next. There are a lot of weird and funny stuff happening all over the world and, believe it or not, it is a rather entertaining niche to read up on. There is a lot of news that have actually made it into publication that makes you do a double-take.

Here are a few choice pieces that surprisingly made the Web. Given the nature of the Internet, however, it might not actually be surprising that these made the cut.

ufo - They Said What?!: A Collection of the Weirdest News from the Web

A former DOD Aerospace Threat Program Manager Claims UFOs are ‘Real’

This is not news anymore, considering that there are a lot of claimants that extra-terrestrials are real. However, the fact that this is a person connected to the Dept. of Defense makes it a little heavier than the other claimants. Add to the fact that this person is an addition to a rather surprisingly long list of people who claim they were formerly with the government.

Reddit’s ‘Shower Thoughts’ are a Thing

There is a lot of stuff that gets posted on Reddit that are both entertaining and quirky. You’ve got your niche discussions on a lot of things both nerdy and interesting; then you’ve got gems like ‘why are there no mouse-flavored cat food? ‘ and ‘Ever been so excited for nap time that when you finally get the chance to do so you’re too excited for it?’. It’s a weird world we live in.

cheer - They Said What?!: A Collection of the Weirdest News from the Web

A Cheerleader Gets Ejected from a Game

Players usually get into scuffles in the heat of a game, but a cheerleader? That’s what the news says. It also said that the referee just exercised his right of bringing a game under control. The cheerleader—a male one, of all things—got a little too personal and started calling out player names. The referee just decided it was unacceptable and told him to hit the road.

Professor gets Schooled

This one’s about the education system and how messed up it can get at times. There’s this one professor who was grading a student and, based on his opinion, almost flunked said student who wrote Australia as a country. The professor must’ve been a fan of Gran Britannia, the old Empire; he may have thought Australia was a colony or a protectorate of sorts.

There are a lot of other funny and cute news on the Internet that didn’t make quite the cut. Even TV has its own entertaining stories. But, whatever the issue, these are what makes all of us human.

Virtual Poker Taking Over Real Life Poker

What is the fate of poker if one may ask? Well, it was discovered by Planet
Poker in 1998, online poker is a boon. Ushering the game from the real
casinos to the internet was a truly incredible achievement, letting people who
had never been to a casino and picked up a chip in a casino the chance to go
online and play poker. People today without having to travel with busy
schedules can now easily with a few clicks on the internet feel like to
be in a casino and be a part of the online poker.


Whether you play poker in a casino or play poker
online on the web, there are no changes in online poker. A flush knocks a
straight in both. In both the games the players bet and bluff and provides and
receive bad beats. Most of the poker players have influentially argued of the
game being tough enough. Some people prefers the live poker more than online poker.
While although certain people who never got the
opportunity to play poker favors online poker, without having to leave
their places and yet be a player.

The Rise of VR

This boom of consumer centric-level VR has resulted into to the rise of a range of games
that take benefits of the technology. The gambling world is rapid
to get tech support from video games. The similar technology
have been used to build and design virtual game industry, and is
being used to generate virtual gambling locales. The online poker game is
among modern and latest digital betting contributions to start to catch on.

Virtual Poker

The concept of a virtual reality poker may sound tricky at first, but the similar was
thought about VR movies and games. There are a lot of appraisals and
bonuses for the industry to make sure this works. One of them being that,
players get more involved and disburse more time and money on poker
.Another one includes the choice of games accessible online. Other bonus and
contrasts such as convenience and peace can be achieved.

Expectations from the Future of VR Casinos

As competition increases, naturally the quality be improved. One specific thing the gambling
world is popular for, it is the deep wars that were battled for the
recognition of gamblers.

Websites are often coming up on each other with exclusive deals and
offers – and the virtual reality casino poker is just another source in the
armory. This means you can likely expect great twisted VR poker 2018
experiences as an outcome by these online poker casinos in the near future.

VR poker offers options for more people to get play, as newcomers are able to
know and grasp as theygo. Ever dreamed off to play a hand of poker at a western
saloon, or on the deck of a ship watching out for the stars? It is only possible these sorts of
playing ambience are already rising.

If you are a passionate gambler, this is the technology to keep your eye on.

Undoubtedly with the advent of online poker it has proved to be a boon
for work occupied centric people of our young generation. Online poker offers
convenience and ease to people and with its user friendly nature has
taken over live poker. For this check also a NetBet Casino Review. Gone are the
days of live poker as nothing can beat
sitting in your living room, in your comfort zone, while eating your
favorite cuisine and grabbing on a beer to play your favorite poker and take
the chill and feel of a casino.

With technological advancement of poker playing online poker 2018 anytime and anywhere
have become easy and quick. The best
part of virtual poker that makes it stand out is that you have no money to lose
in reality, as poker website offers players with friendly play fake money for
the players to entice and allure more people.

If you wish to sit and play poker with your near and dear ones who are miles apart
from you, feeling like beingaround each other and passing smiles after every win and lose, virtual poker is
the best choice to rejoice yourself.

Do’s and Don’ts: Creating a Grammatically-Correct News Article

An author and an editor are two completely different people who basically complete the other. When writing news articles, an author needs an editor to create a good, concise piece. An editor, on the other hand, won’t have anything to do or anything to correct if an author doesn’t do a write-up or a piece.

That’s why news publication teams often have a lot of these people—they need to create interesting pieces to read. Here’s what they can do when they put their mind into it.

Comma-Free/ one of the biggest mistakes and misused grammar quotation are the comma. When you use it in an improper way, it becomes rather poorly placed. Tricky as it may to master its usage, it makes for a more engaging write-up when you learn how to place it and where to place it. Consistent practice brings you a better write-up, especially when you learn where to put it.

wrrite - Do’s and Don’ts: Creating a Grammatically-Correct News Article

The Use of the Present Simple Tense/ when you’re writing a headline, you should always use the present simple tense to emphasize what happens. This is especially true in the case of things that happened in the past. When you create a headline for a tiger that escaped a circus, for instance, you don’t say ‘A Tiger Has Escaped’, you write it as ‘Tiger escapes circus.’

Forget Articles/ this doesn’t mean that you should write articles. Rather, articles like ‘a’, ‘an,’ and ‘the’ should have no place in a headline. For instance, you say ‘President has Landed in India’, not ‘the President has Landed in India.’ Likewise, you also say ‘Prisoner Released from Custody’ and not’ ‘The Prisoner has been Released from Custody.’

Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs/ when writing an article, you always should use adjectives for noun modification and adverbs for verb modification. It’s really a bit simple. When you look at it, you say ‘write quickly’, not ‘write quick.’ Quick is an adjective and quickly is an adverb. It’s easy to confuse the two, but rather simple when placed against their respective things to modify.

wrtie - Do’s and Don’ts: Creating a Grammatically-Correct News Article

Consistently Writing/ the best practice, perhaps, aside from reading a lot of stuff, is to consistently write and don’t stop. You’ll get the hang of using things if you keep on writing. Grammar rules don’t always cover things precisely. However, if you learn the rules by heart, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

With this list, you’ll have a basic idea of how to create the body of an article as well as how to write good titles that will capture the attention of the audience. Practicing your writing is key to creating great pieces.

Poker Galore: Predictions for Poker in the Year 2018

It’s the New Year and the news for poker looks bright, just like its future. There’s a lot of year ahead of us, however, and there are still a lot of things that may happen. However, for those who are looking to know what the newest trends in poker are, here are a few news items that may actually make the future look brighter.

It is notable that these are only predictions and there might be some changes that may happen. However, it can possibly come to fruition, starting with…

A Re-tooled Strategy

This came from the lips of a Caesars employee, allegedly. What happened was that PokerGO was definitely arriving. The news came when PokerGO was still up in the air, whether or not it would happen was a mystery. Well, it did happen, and the newest item was that ESPN and PokerGO will create an entirely new thing. November Nine was so last year, allegedly.

David Peters, GPI POY

Peters was strong in 2017 although he wasn’t strong enough to cast his mitts on the POY. Adrian Mateos was the player who accomplished the feat of becoming 2017’s POY, while Peters came in as only 13th best. The prediction for this year—that he will become the Player of the Year—is just too weak to become true, judging from his performance last year.

money - Poker Galore: Predictions for Poker in the Year 2018

$8.4 million up for grabs

Bryn Kenney, a player who made headlines last year, proved that $8.4 million was doable—he cashed in an amount exactly a little over that. He was good for $8.5 million in a losing effort. However, the trend was possible because of the poker inflation which happened during that time. Bryn was definitely aided by the inflation that happened even though he got the L.

Poker Legislation Happens

With the trend looking forward for legislation, it seems that poker will, at last, receive the due recognition it’s been craving. The revenues for it is far too large to ignore–$400 billion in nationwide bets, according to NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s editorial, is far too large an amount to ignore. The trend points towards legislation nodding in favor of making it legal.

poke - Poker Galore: Predictions for Poker in the Year 2018

30 Players or Less Cashes in

Players won’t be making more than $3 million in 2018. Even when the inflation points towards big wins, players in the Aussie Millions and the U.S. Poker Open won’t be making amounts larger than that. Players like Scott Seiver and Juha Helppi is reportedly going to pick spots as a result of fields getting narrower.

There are a lot that could happen in the coming years or so, but poker remains a top favorite. Getting legislation in their favor and just playing constantly may move the needle towards their favor.

A Happily Ever After: Sports Bettors Who Risked and Won It All

It’s a wonderful world when, once in a while, the stars conspire and make someone the biggest, best sports bettor to ever win it all. It’s been there since the beginning of time—betting something of value to you in exchange for bragging that you can kick the ball the farthest or you can hold your breath the longest.

There had been easy days and hard days for these sports bettors. One thing in common that they have, though, is that they never walked away from a bet they knew they could make.

Mali Beats the Odds

The year? 2010. The game? It was Mali vs. Angola in the African Cup of Nations. The match? 4-nil. Angola was winning by a landslide, Mali was in tatters, and the game was about to be decided in 16 minutes. That is, until a bettor decided to root for Mali to the tune of £5. A sudden surge of luck saw Mali erase the deficit to end the match in a draw, earning the punter a cool £5000.

suprwe - A Happily Ever After: Sports Bettors Who Risked and Won It All

The Super Bowl XLVI Safety

Prior to this bet, the Super Bowl only had 7 safeties scored in its history. The second one came from New England Patriot Tom Brady. Yet, a bettor had the idea to go against the odds put by Las Vegas MGM sports book—50:1. There was a higher sports book total of 75:1, but he went ahead, anyway. It resulted into turning his 1k into a 49k profit.

The Japanese Banzai Dive

Yasuhiro Kubo must’ve thought that his sport—skydiving—was still too safe. So, he made a bet that he could toss his parachute before he jumped out of a plane—a minute later. He bet his life that he could chase after it, strap in, and still had enough time to parachute safely. Which, of course, he did, or the record wouldn’t have been made.

mone - A Happily Ever After: Sports Bettors Who Risked and Won It All

Billy Walters, Super Bowl XLIV millionaire

Billy Walters had the idea to play a safe bet—to the tune of $3.5 million—on the underdogs during the Super Bowl XLIV. What happened, of course, was a sign of the total injustice in this world; Walters lamented how he got so caught up, he bet more money than was safe for him. Now he has to live with his regret that he made $3.5 million more on the bet.

Aren’t these people lucky? That’s the power that a gut feeling and the willingness to risk it all brings. You won’t have a hard time if you already bet using a crystal ball, but these bets are just outrageous as they are impressive.

The Top of the Hill: Best Poker Players and their Best Wins

Poker has become an absolute sport over its decades of being telecast. People have been subscribing and a lot have also been making bets and cashing in on them. The biggest bettors—and the best players—have earned an almost rock star status. For their efforts, they have been hailed as the best in the business and have become professional competitors.

Some just have it, while others don’t. These are the people who have become the best of the best in the Poker gaming scene.

Patrick Antonius/ he is the current mastermind in the online poker world. He leads the top of the list with over $17 million in winnings. About $11 million of those came when he went pro in the Full Tilt Poker circuit. When the site relaunched, Antonius also relaunched himself; to date, he has amassed winnings of over $5.7 million.

Daniel Cates/ the 3rd man in the list with over $11.17 million in winnings online. Those winnings are credited to him under his two aliases. He got to this spot without some misfortune, however; a 2015 losing streak dropped him to this spot.

Phil Ivey/ the former 1st player on the list, he surrendered the spot to Ben Tollerene who currently boasts of around $11.42 million in earnings. These earnings that he enjoyed came mostly from Full Tilt Poker where he had $7.5 million.

Daniel Negreanu/ he is currently on top of the Money Winners All-Time list. His winnings are a cool $34 million and each match has been entertaining to watch. His winnings are also worth making him the most watched player ever; with each game he enters a guaranteed finals appearance for him.

Dan Colman/ currently the world #3, Colman bested Negreanu in 2014 to add it to his $22.38 million haul that year. He has since been a force in High Roller tournaments and he is touted to be Negreanu’s next-in-line in the coming years.

These players have that never-say-die attitude in them. Couple that with the desire to score big and win big, they’ve got what it takes to dominate the poker scene in the years to come.

Sports Journalism: Tips to Write Sports Bet-Worthy News Articles

Sports betting have been big in recent years, but most of the results are available thanks to the timely arrival of sports articles. Most sports bets are also dependent on how news reaches the bettors and what they make of each team’s individual performance.

Players often perform their best, but sometimes, there’s just something that happens when they perform below par. Here’s how to write a sports story that helps bettors make decisions.

The Straight-Lede kind

Lede almost sounds like ‘lead’ but this is one of the most common types of sports stories. When you do this kind of story, you write the winners, the losers, and the score in a straight-forward kind of direction. The star player is also given exceptional emphasis when using this type.

img1 - Sports Journalism: Tips to Write Sports Bet-Worthy News Articles

The Feature-Lede kind

Lede also has a similarity to the word ‘laden’ so much so that you can think of this work as such. The Feature-Lede presents a story in which different angles are available. This is the go-to of most readers when they’ve already read a straight-lede kind of story.


Profilers are what the word itself means—the story features players that have a certain profile to them. When you create a story like this, the star player, an up-and-coming player, or the star coach is your anchor. What happens to them is your story and their emotions mostly your report.

img2 - Sports Journalism: Tips to Write Sports Bet-Worthy News Articles

Season Openers

It could also be called a wrap-up, but these types of stories typically feature during season’s ends or when the season is just beginning. The topic of the stories are usually what happened during practices, a coach’s hope for a particular player, or anything that pertains to team development and hopes for the season.

These kinds of write-ups may feature a little too much information for sports bettors, but one thing’s for sure—it is these types of entertaining news that give life to the team you’re betting on.