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Most SEO companies would pay to get links, and that’s were SEO specialists come in. Their job is to monitor the keywords, yes, but what they add to that mix is that they find relevant websites where the keywords could link to. These sites are often authority sites on a subject. For instance, your niche is about tires—you link to a site that’s a top dealer for Goodyear or Yokohama tires. You link this back to your website in the hopes of playing off the success of the dealer’s website.

That’s where links come in. While our site depends on the links that are already here and we are willing to search for them, we also rely on the community to give us links. These links can be anything but we request that they be good, 100% authority links connected to the website’s many links already available, segregated under a different archive each.

We highly encourage you, our clients and visitors, to direct us toward links which can be a great addition to the trove we already have. As we have built this website for you, please do others a favor by making this a one-stop-shop for people who are searching for relevant links and sites to use for their SEO and article-building work. Our success is your success; our failure, everyone’s failure. We intend to make this a total community effort and everyone’s participation is highly encouraged.

Let’s link together to create a brighter, bigger, helpful community of linkers!