Content Engaged: The Truth Behind Creating ‘Engaging Content’

Creating content from scratch is a challenging task. There are a lot that goes into making one—minor planning, some reading, and a lot of conceptualization. However, you can create and plot all you want and one thing still remains—this content should be able to lure people in to read your pieces, or you’ve just wasted your precious time.

The best content writers will know how to do this, but for you, you just have to follow some simple rules.

Rule 1: Grab their Attention with Headlines

The headlines are sort of a call to attention, if anything else. There are a lot that also goes into naming something—planning, thinking up words and phrases that go along and then combining them so they work. Create a headline that will call the attention of readers to your content and you’ve won half the battle.

Rule 2: Don’t Be Too Formal

Readers on the Internet are there because they’re looking for a different kind of content. Have you ever wondered why some content on the Internet seem like they’re talking to people? That’s because they really are. See, the content available on the Internet do this so that they can connect to people. Even the best content in newspapers and magazines tell a story, so you should definitely do too.

Rule 3: Be Yourself, Seriously

So what if you’ve got a weird way of phrasing words? Original content can be just as effective as telling a story. If you’ve run out of ideas, look at the content and do it in your own way. It’s you that’s telling the story—not the content you’re basing it off of. If you want your copy to be effective, don’t be afraid to be yourself, even if just for a bit.

Rule 4: Pictures Can Tell What Words Can’t

Words can be exhausting. There’s a reason why some people find it entertaining to read books that at least have a few pictures in them than those which rely on you thinking things up. The same goes on the Internet—to keep your readers reading, you should pepper them with words and pictures.

Rule 5: Go Deeper into the Subject

This is tricky. You can have a well-written 500-word article that readers share often and a 1,000-word piece that no one notices. This is reliant on how in-depth your article is. Readers love it when a writer explains the how and the why; you should learn to write copies that don’t leave it up to the reader to create stories.

If you want your content to be effective, practice these tips. Practice makes perfect, they say, so keep writing! When you’ve made it a habit, you’ll find yourself creating beautiful content in no time.