Poker Galore: Predictions for Poker in the Year 2018

It’s the New Year and the news for poker looks bright, just like its future. There’s a lot of year ahead of us, however, and there are still a lot of things that may happen. However, for those who are looking to know what the newest trends in poker are, here are a few news items that may actually make the future look brighter.

It is notable that these are only predictions and there might be some changes that may happen. However, it can possibly come to fruition, starting with…

A Re-tooled Strategy

This came from the lips of a Caesars employee, allegedly. What happened was that PokerGO was definitely arriving. The news came when PokerGO was still up in the air, whether or not it would happen was a mystery. Well, it did happen, and the newest item was that ESPN and PokerGO will create an entirely new thing. November Nine was so last year, allegedly.

David Peters, GPI POY

Peters was strong in 2017 although he wasn’t strong enough to cast his mitts on the POY. Adrian Mateos was the player who accomplished the feat of becoming 2017’s POY, while Peters came in as only 13th best. The prediction for this year—that he will become the Player of the Year—is just too weak to become true, judging from his performance last year.

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$8.4 million up for grabs

Bryn Kenney, a player who made headlines last year, proved that $8.4 million was doable—he cashed in an amount exactly a little over that. He was good for $8.5 million in a losing effort. However, the trend was possible because of the poker inflation which happened during that time. Bryn was definitely aided by the inflation that happened even though he got the L.

Poker Legislation Happens

With the trend looking forward for legislation, it seems that poker will, at last, receive the due recognition it’s been craving. The revenues for it is far too large to ignore–$400 billion in nationwide bets, according to NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s editorial, is far too large an amount to ignore. The trend points towards legislation nodding in favor of making it legal.

poke - Poker Galore: Predictions for Poker in the Year 2018

30 Players or Less Cashes in

Players won’t be making more than $3 million in 2018. Even when the inflation points towards big wins, players in the Aussie Millions and the U.S. Poker Open won’t be making amounts larger than that. Players like Scott Seiver and Juha Helppi is reportedly going to pick spots as a result of fields getting narrower.

There are a lot that could happen in the coming years or so, but poker remains a top favorite. Getting legislation in their favor and just playing constantly may move the needle towards their favor.