Read All About It: How to Put Together a Newspaper Article Online

It’s hard to write a story, let alone get people to read it. That’s why people would rather be readers than makers of things to read—it’s easier and you can play the part of an educated critic. However, it’s more exciting to become a writer—you get to tell stories and craft experiences.

News writing, however, is a very different thing. You tell stories based on fact; at times, you have to get a little emotional with truth still heard in your voice. If you want to write news articles, here’s how you can do it.

Fact: Determine What Story You Want

There are stories, and then, there are news stories. There’s a lot of online publications out there that tell the exact same stories but in different voices. If you want to tell a story, you have to determine what direction to take. Will you tell stories about games? Tell stories about celebrities? Figuring these out first will give you an easier time taking your publication in different directions.

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Fact: Create Outlines for your Story

When you see a story you want to do, you’ll have to read it first, understand it, and then create a re-telling of your own. That’s a given in online or news publications, as news are really just re-written pieces of stories. You have to create an outline first if you want to write something for your paper. By doing this, you’ll have a ready source for your story.

Fact: Create a Good Title

Creating a title for a news article is just like picking out a good title for a book or your online publication. It has to make sense. It also has to call the attention of the reader from the first time they see the article. How you do that is up to you, but it requires you to be well-read; having a lot of other sites on which to base your choices is also a big help.

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Fact: Get People to Help

Publications are hard to run alone. There are a lot that goes into the creation of an article—from the sourcing, the writing, the pictures, to the publication on the Web. There usually is a team of 20 or more people working on an online publication at any given time. If this sounds reasonable to you, you should prepare to work with a lot of people with different backgrounds and get them to come together on the same page with you.

Fact: Forget your Personal Opinions when Writing

When you’re writing a news article, you’re writing for the purpose of creating an environment where you’re telling a story regardless of your views. You should write from the point of view of a disinterested person. This is only one of the ways where you can create an engaging story that people will surely love to read and one that can be used as a source.

Those are only a few pointers on how to create a news article. Why don’t you try it out and find out if you’ve got what it takes to write news?