Sports Journalism: Tips to Write Sports Bet-Worthy News Articles

Sports betting have been big in recent years, but most of the results are available thanks to the timely arrival of sports articles. Most sports bets are also dependent on how news reaches the bettors and what they make of each team’s individual performance.

Players often perform their best, but sometimes, there’s just something that happens when they perform below par. Here’s how to write a sports story that helps bettors make decisions.

The Straight-Lede kind

Lede almost sounds like ‘lead’ but this is one of the most common types of sports stories. When you do this kind of story, you write the winners, the losers, and the score in a straight-forward kind of direction. The star player is also given exceptional emphasis when using this type.

img1 - Sports Journalism: Tips to Write Sports Bet-Worthy News Articles

The Feature-Lede kind

Lede also has a similarity to the word ‘laden’ so much so that you can think of this work as such. The Feature-Lede presents a story in which different angles are available. This is the go-to of most readers when they’ve already read a straight-lede kind of story.


Profilers are what the word itself means—the story features players that have a certain profile to them. When you create a story like this, the star player, an up-and-coming player, or the star coach is your anchor. What happens to them is your story and their emotions mostly your report.

img2 - Sports Journalism: Tips to Write Sports Bet-Worthy News Articles

Season Openers

It could also be called a wrap-up, but these types of stories typically feature during season’s ends or when the season is just beginning. The topic of the stories are usually what happened during practices, a coach’s hope for a particular player, or anything that pertains to team development and hopes for the season.

These kinds of write-ups may feature a little too much information for sports bettors, but one thing’s for sure—it is these types of entertaining news that give life to the team you’re betting on.