They Said What?!: A Collection of the Weirdest News from the Web

News on the Web—and even in real, physical newspapers—can go from real serious at one point to real weird the next. There are a lot of weird and funny stuff happening all over the world and, believe it or not, it is a rather entertaining niche to read up on. There is a lot of news that have actually made it into publication that makes you do a double-take.

Here are a few choice pieces that surprisingly made the Web. Given the nature of the Internet, however, it might not actually be surprising that these made the cut.

ufo - They Said What?!: A Collection of the Weirdest News from the Web

A former DOD Aerospace Threat Program Manager Claims UFOs are ‘Real’

This is not news anymore, considering that there are a lot of claimants that extra-terrestrials are real. However, the fact that this is a person connected to the Dept. of Defense makes it a little heavier than the other claimants. Add to the fact that this person is an addition to a rather surprisingly long list of people who claim they were formerly with the government.

Reddit’s ‘Shower Thoughts’ are a Thing

There is a lot of stuff that gets posted on Reddit that are both entertaining and quirky. You’ve got your niche discussions on a lot of things both nerdy and interesting; then you’ve got gems like ‘why are there no mouse-flavored cat food? ‘ and ‘Ever been so excited for nap time that when you finally get the chance to do so you’re too excited for it?’. It’s a weird world we live in.

cheer - They Said What?!: A Collection of the Weirdest News from the Web

A Cheerleader Gets Ejected from a Game

Players usually get into scuffles in the heat of a game, but a cheerleader? That’s what the news says. It also said that the referee just exercised his right of bringing a game under control. The cheerleader—a male one, of all things—got a little too personal and started calling out player names. The referee just decided it was unacceptable and told him to hit the road.

Professor gets Schooled

This one’s about the education system and how messed up it can get at times. There’s this one professor who was grading a student and, based on his opinion, almost flunked said student who wrote Australia as a country. The professor must’ve been a fan of Gran Britannia, the old Empire; he may have thought Australia was a colony or a protectorate of sorts.

There are a lot of other funny and cute news on the Internet that didn’t make quite the cut. Even TV has its own entertaining stories. But, whatever the issue, these are what makes all of us human.