What’s the Buzz: Power Tips for Using your Pen for a Newspaper

There are a lot of jobs available on the Web, but one such popular work is to write articles or guest posts for websites. It’s a profitable task; for a few words to say, you’re going to get something. However, you need to know which things work and which things don’t in writing for Web publications, which are vastly different from physical publications.

If you’ve gotten a job to write such an article or you simply want to share your opinions by guest posting, here are a few tips to get you started.

Be Relevant

As you may have seen, news sometimes strays from the facts and becomes sensational. While this drives sales up sometimes from either positive or negative reactions, you need to be relevant. Stay true to the facts and always remember to base everything on sources—be it your first-hand source or a second-hand source somewhere.

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Be Impactful

You can be as sensational as you want if it gives the story impact and it doesn’t make it stray far away. Impact delivers the punch that gets a reader’s attention. It also gives meaning to the story as well as explains who is affected by that event, why they’re affected, and what it means to them. It makes for a good read.

Be within Context

The context of the story gives you the background and the when and how of it. If you’re looking forward to creating a story that readers won’t have to fact-check, you have to provide clear and concise context. This is one of the ways to keep your news fresh, relevant, and away from the realm of sensationalism without sense.

Be Structured

News often contains proper sentence construction; you have to have a clear idea for each sentence and it should not be too long. You should also write in the active voice to make your copy easier to understand. Use simple, straightforward words to explain things. News doesn’t have to be too rosy or poetic—it just needs to deliver the message across clearly.

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Be Creadable

That’s two words in one. Credibility and readability are important in creating news that’s engaging and entertaining to read. Credibility gives the reader ease that he can cite your item without being called out for being baseless. Readability, on the other hand, makes sure that your news will be read by someone—anyone, really.

News writing is tricky, if you forget to search for these tips. Remember who you’re writing for. It’s not the company nor your editor who you’re writing for—it’s for the people who are searching for clear, concise, and accurate information.