Link Building – The Basics

Link building is the English word for link building. This refers to the creation of a backlink structure, i.e. the setting of external, incoming links. The number and quality of backlinks is a decisive criterion for the evaluation of a website by the search engine, which is why link building is one of the basic tasks of search engine optimizers. Within the search engine optimization link building falls into the area of OffPage optimization.


Using the backlink structure as a decisive evaluation criterion was the real highlight of the Google founders. This evaluation was realized with the help of an algorithm and a crawler, from now on website operators no longer had to submit their pages to the search engine. As a result, search engine optimizers began to increase the number of backlinks so that their site was considered more relevant by the search engine and better positioned in the ranking. These methods showed fast effect and in shortest time it came by link spamming and programs to the automated setting of backlinks to massive manipulations. Over the years, Google made repeated changes to the algorithm, and new evaluation criteria were added, so that the situation of search engine optimization using link building is a completely different one today.


A key feature of blogs is that users have the ability to comment on posts. These comments can usually also contain links to the commentator’s website or blog. In the meantime, this link building measure has also receded into the background, but is still being pursued. Robots are also used in some cases to automatically add comments to blogs. However, these are often identified as spam by filters because they have no thematic relevance or appear unnatural. Such a comment does not even appear. On many blogs, the links in the comment column also have a nofollow attribute. This makes them irrelevant in relation to the search engine’s evaluation. A godd horse blog offers Racebets. More details u will find under this Racebets review.


Links can also be placed in the signatures of users in forums. This link appears in every post written by the user. In fact, Google is now able to recognize such signature links and invalidates them accordingly.

Link purchase

There are site operators who place a backlink to a certain page against payment. The purchase price depends on the quality of the backlink. In order to be able to assess this quality, a whole series of factors are considered, including the PageRank, the reach, the context of the link, the number of backlinks, and so on. Google is taking aggressive action against this method of link building: If link buyers or link sellers are uncovered, they must expect to be excluded from the search index.